Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas/ New Years

So the holidays are approaching... and I dont kno maybe Im in some kind of funk or something just today I haven't been feeling it u kno??? Like just ugh all day but whateva I guess I needa just get ova myself or whateva..
But back to the point and reason for this blog... I mean the holidays are approaching and Im kinda excited to see my fam and friends who I haven't seen since the last time I was home. Im so in the mood for mac and cheese and hugs and kisses from ppl who I love. My New Years was supposed to b on point but it looks like our plans might have fallen through... Im kinda disappointed about cuz I was lookin forward 2 hangin out wit my girls, but everything happens for a reason... and God will it... its not like Im neva gonna see them again, right??? So its all good by me. OOHHHH yeah so in 11 days I turn 22 I wasnt really excited b4 but since everybody feels the need 2 shove it down my throat... the excitement is now building lol.... OOHHH and b4 I forget... Im thinkin of startin my locs... it kinda depends on my money situation... so if it happens expect pics soon.... well expect my holiday/vacation pics anyway... I wanna make sure I capture the happiness and togetherness that GOD blesses me with this holiday season... Thanx and see u guys when I return Lata