Sunday, February 1, 2009

N Serious Need of Encouragement

Im definitly not one to sit and complain about shit that I cant change... However I just got some news from my mom that has me down... I need encouragement to continue doing what I am doing and that is going to school. I graduate in June however the last year I have been in school have been the hardest of my life. I feel as if I just want to quit and go home and help my mom out cuz noone else gon do that shit. I need to be sure thats shes alright. I have an asshole brother who only seems to care bout himself and I cant count on him to take care of our mother. This shit is extremly hard for me.... cuz I cant see a way of doing someothing without dropping out of school. I just need the prayer and support from those around me letting me know that shit is gon be ok. I jus have a lil bit over four months... Keep me in ur prayers I dont wanna quit but my heart... my soul wont let me let my mother go through so much bullshit.