Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Day Away

AHHH! I have been really busy lately however, things have been goin great 4 me. Im finished both of my internships and I have one class left as an undergraduate student.... This is truly unreal, I neva thought I woulda made it this far but I did... Now it's time to dive into my job search process now. I have sent in my resume to a couple ppl and now Im jus waiting 2 see what happens. But other than that Im chillin truly because I dont have anymore work left to do @ soooo Im jus waitin 2 get this last final and presentation done and Im finshed! Ninedays until my graduation ceremony and not bein n the illadelphia anymore..
Im out though, goin 2 buy a book and chill until my bus leaves... [out]

Thursday, June 4, 2009

School and Other Bullshit

So... lately has been sooo stoopid i dont even kno y I was stresin ova the bullshit. School will be ova in count it 15 days. Im excited about that but yeah not the bullshit that comes with it. One of my classes is turning out 2 be a bunch of bullshit. Lmao I kno I keep usin this word but its the only way I can describe the events fromt he past couple weeks. I dont even kno its like the forces above r tryin 2 give me a hard time, but I am determined to graduate on June 19, 2009 @ 2pm. LOL

In other news... my lil cousin is graduating from high school 2morrow and Im so happy for her eventhough it makes me feel old or whateva. She is like a sister 2 me and I love her 2 death... so I will b makin my way 2 the DMV 2morrow morning and celebratin with her. It helps also that I will b home and able 2 chill with my friends and fam... oh yeah and the love of my life... my westie (dog) scotty i love him so much like ppl dont even kno.

Im goin 2 leave on that note, gotta get ready 4 work... until next time

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So It's Been So Long....

It's been so long since I last posted, I dont even kno whats been keeping me. Ok, I'm lying I do kno I HAVE BEEN WORKING CRAZY!!! but things are comin 2 an end, graduating n a lil over a month but now I am faced with jus doin last minute assignments, so pray that I get everything done. Im n NY right now, my internship is goin ok I guess I dont really do much I dont kno y I expected it 2 be some crazy awesome place 2 intern but its cool some of the people I have met have been real cool so hopefully things work out 4 me. I am currently lookin 4 a job cuz I dont think starbucks is gon kick it 4 much longer I need something new. Well ima get off of this right now, Im goin 2 get some work done b4 I go 2 my internship. PEACE.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Because It Has Been Such a Long Time.

So as of right now Im sitting in a Starbucks in Manhattan. I feel like Im living the life, even if it is just for one day. Im so content with my life even if it is just for one day. This is the life I wanna live in just three short months when I graduate from AiPH with my bachelor degree in Fashion Marketing. But Im going to stop with all the dreaming and things with my head in the sky lol. So much has happened in the past I dont kno, 2 months maybe since I last posted anything. I gave up on an ex... jus walked away completely and that2 me was the hardest/smartest thing Ive eva done. He lied 2 me bout some super serious shit and I couldnt do it anymore. -claps 4 myself- LMAO I kno someone out there feels or has felt what Im feelin now so I kno I make much sense. I have finals next week then it's off 2 spring break... See my famjam and get some sleep. Then I come bac for my last quarter of school and Im finished until I go 2 graduate school in a couple years. Yeah guys I have decided to take a break 2 try and pay back some school loans and for the economoy 2 try and stable itself out and hopefully I get a job with a company whos willing to pay for me 2 go bac 2 school soooo it's all good.

I have accomplished so much of what I set out 2 accomplish in the past couple months -smile- I jus love myself lol I really do. OOHHH Yeah!!! me and my homegirls went 2 strip club 4 the 1st time in our lives this past wknd. lmao that was very interesting. No homo... but yeah it was cool some of the girls were pretty/ had nice bodies.... then again some werent. But it was what I expected it 2 b... u kno a bunch of ass and tiddies everywhea... and men makin it rain dollar bills lmao

Another thing I wanted to touch on was MY HAIR!!! lmao ohhh eeemmmmm GGGGeeeee lol yes all that Im lovin it. its so soft and curly am postin a pic 2day

I think thats like all I care 2 share... as soon as I graduate... or go on spring break I will b available so much more than I am now... Im really busy with work and school and shit but yeah

Sunday, February 1, 2009

N Serious Need of Encouragement

Im definitly not one to sit and complain about shit that I cant change... However I just got some news from my mom that has me down... I need encouragement to continue doing what I am doing and that is going to school. I graduate in June however the last year I have been in school have been the hardest of my life. I feel as if I just want to quit and go home and help my mom out cuz noone else gon do that shit. I need to be sure thats shes alright. I have an asshole brother who only seems to care bout himself and I cant count on him to take care of our mother. This shit is extremly hard for me.... cuz I cant see a way of doing someothing without dropping out of school. I just need the prayer and support from those around me letting me know that shit is gon be ok. I jus have a lil bit over four months... Keep me in ur prayers I dont wanna quit but my heart... my soul wont let me let my mother go through so much bullshit.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


WELL HAPPY INAUGURATION DAY EVERYONE. Yes my president is black! LOL but yeah I jus wanted to make sure I bloogged about that today... and express my excitement for the next four yrs of my life. But I do want to male sure ppl kno that this "CHANGE" that we r all lookin for is gonna take a long time. Bush has ran this country n2 the ground for the past 8 yrs and to pull us out fully and completely is gonna take more/longer than the Obama administration whether its jus 4 yrs or 8 yrs... its gonna take a lot but I believe that Obama is the best for the job. Hes young and he knows what the American ppl need. We need someone who is there for us and makin decisions based on whats best for us andnot whats best for him and his fam... but I think Im finsihed with this particular post... CONGRATS BARACK H. OBAMA!!!!! U have to please a nation of ppl... we r all countin on u 2 make changes and make life here betta for all....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crazy Lessons in L♥VE

Hey everyone... I have been thinking about a lot of things lately and it's crazy because I haven't blogged about love any where in a long time... going on about 6 to 7 months to be specific and of course I have never blogged about love on here before so it's definitely a first for you guys. To get straight to the point, I have had sooo much shit on my mind lately about love and relationships and can shit that hasn't worked in the past actually work after a person says they have "changed". I mean don't get me wrong I'm not saying that the other person is totally to blame and that I haven't done things that I am not proud of... but I'm saying that it didn't end because I did something. Lately I have noticed that shit between me and an ex have changed tremendously and it kind of makes me a little sad to be honest. Not because I want him back though... and I hate to say it but it's because I can never picture him with someone else. I know that sounds really bad... but yeah I don't want him but I'm not tryna hear bout him with other bitches.... sorry for the language but it's what's real. We had a conversation last week I think and he told me he had been fooling around and fucking chicks and shit and I was mad about that. I know that we have grown apart and what was can never be again but still it's mad hard to hear bout that kind of thing. I know in my heart that i still have feelings for him but at the same time I know that we are not good for each other... I have tried to maybe start things with other people but no one makes me feel how he made me feel there are no sparks and the attraction is just not there... I can't imagine what a relationship with someone else would be like. I know that I need to realize that I deserve much better than what I had in the past and I know that he was definitely not a great boyfriend to me ... but it's kind of like a drug. The fighting, the cussing, the hurtful words, the pain, the tears, the break-ups to make-ups and starting all over again was like a drug that I became so addicted to. Now everything that I come across that is functional and can possibly work I push it aside and call it boring... I guess maybe for now Im not ready... I guess maybe for now I need to be on my dolo. I know that I have matured and I'm not the same girl I was when I was 19 and 20 and felt like the love I had for him ran deeper than my soul and I have moved on and I know that I don't want to be with him... but it's crazy cuz now how can I muster the courage to possibly be with someone else??? I was hurt and yeah I kept it to myself to save face... I just hope now... I'm not scarred for life...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Thoughts... Craziness...

Hey everyone!!! So since the last post many things have happened and this is just a lil update on the things that have happened... soooo

I have seen a couple movies most of which were really good... Cadilac Records yes wit Beyonce' not too bad... I liked her performance in this movie much better than anything else I have seen her in...but Dreamgirls was definitely a better movie... but I digg the movie because I love Etta James and Beyonce' did her thing wit the music I have always loved her voice and yeah... Im loving you girl!!! LOL! Im talking bout Beyonce'. I also saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons... OHHH EEEMMM GGGEEEE!!!! I loved that movie it was funny and had a great story to it ... A love that can stand the test of time... A lil cheesy yeah I know but work with me here. It kinda reminded me of the lesson behind The Notebook a lil bit but just as much as I loved that one I loved this one. I also saw Seven Pounds which was good as well. Will Smith is one of my favorite actors and I kinda always enjoy what hes in... but he seems to have this kinda crazy/weird look to him in the last couple movies hes in like this thing he does with his face, I dont kno LOL maybe Im thinking to hard...

I spent Christmas with my family on my dads side... it was good... I had time to bond and connect with fam that I dont get to see very often... I didnt do much on New Years Eve because things didnt go the way I wanted them to go but its cool Im not really complainin.... I still have been enjoying my time @ home wit my fam.

I turned 22 on Friday... Januray 2nd, Im getting old so quickly LMAO! Im jokin but yeah 2008 went by so quickly but 2009 is my year... I graduate from college I hopefully will get a good job to start my career... I got a very good internship.... in event planning and marketing which is something Im very interested in... Things seem to be falling into place IM happy about that.

Well thanx, I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday no matter what you celebrate... Im out.. ya digg...