Tuesday, January 20, 2009


WELL HAPPY INAUGURATION DAY EVERYONE. Yes my president is black! LOL but yeah I jus wanted to make sure I bloogged about that today... and express my excitement for the next four yrs of my life. But I do want to male sure ppl kno that this "CHANGE" that we r all lookin for is gonna take a long time. Bush has ran this country n2 the ground for the past 8 yrs and to pull us out fully and completely is gonna take more/longer than the Obama administration whether its jus 4 yrs or 8 yrs... its gonna take a lot but I believe that Obama is the best for the job. Hes young and he knows what the American ppl need. We need someone who is there for us and makin decisions based on whats best for us andnot whats best for him and his fam... but I think Im finsihed with this particular post... CONGRATS BARACK H. OBAMA!!!!! U have to please a nation of ppl... we r all countin on u 2 make changes and make life here betta for all....

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