Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Because It Has Been Such a Long Time.

So as of right now Im sitting in a Starbucks in Manhattan. I feel like Im living the life, even if it is just for one day. Im so content with my life even if it is just for one day. This is the life I wanna live in just three short months when I graduate from AiPH with my bachelor degree in Fashion Marketing. But Im going to stop with all the dreaming and things with my head in the sky lol. So much has happened in the past I dont kno, 2 months maybe since I last posted anything. I gave up on an ex... jus walked away completely and that2 me was the hardest/smartest thing Ive eva done. He lied 2 me bout some super serious shit and I couldnt do it anymore. -claps 4 myself- LMAO I kno someone out there feels or has felt what Im feelin now so I kno I make much sense. I have finals next week then it's off 2 spring break... See my famjam and get some sleep. Then I come bac for my last quarter of school and Im finished until I go 2 graduate school in a couple years. Yeah guys I have decided to take a break 2 try and pay back some school loans and for the economoy 2 try and stable itself out and hopefully I get a job with a company whos willing to pay for me 2 go bac 2 school soooo it's all good.

I have accomplished so much of what I set out 2 accomplish in the past couple months -smile- I jus love myself lol I really do. OOHHH Yeah!!! me and my homegirls went 2 strip club 4 the 1st time in our lives this past wknd. lmao that was very interesting. No homo... but yeah it was cool some of the girls were pretty/ had nice bodies.... then again some werent. But it was what I expected it 2 b... u kno a bunch of ass and tiddies everywhea... and men makin it rain dollar bills lmao

Another thing I wanted to touch on was MY HAIR!!! lmao ohhh eeemmmmm GGGGeeeee lol yes all that Im lovin it. its so soft and curly am postin a pic 2day

I think thats like all I care 2 share... as soon as I graduate... or go on spring break I will b available so much more than I am now... Im really busy with work and school and shit but yeah