Thursday, June 4, 2009

School and Other Bullshit

So... lately has been sooo stoopid i dont even kno y I was stresin ova the bullshit. School will be ova in count it 15 days. Im excited about that but yeah not the bullshit that comes with it. One of my classes is turning out 2 be a bunch of bullshit. Lmao I kno I keep usin this word but its the only way I can describe the events fromt he past couple weeks. I dont even kno its like the forces above r tryin 2 give me a hard time, but I am determined to graduate on June 19, 2009 @ 2pm. LOL

In other news... my lil cousin is graduating from high school 2morrow and Im so happy for her eventhough it makes me feel old or whateva. She is like a sister 2 me and I love her 2 death... so I will b makin my way 2 the DMV 2morrow morning and celebratin with her. It helps also that I will b home and able 2 chill with my friends and fam... oh yeah and the love of my life... my westie (dog) scotty i love him so much like ppl dont even kno.

Im goin 2 leave on that note, gotta get ready 4 work... until next time

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