Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Day Away

AHHH! I have been really busy lately however, things have been goin great 4 me. Im finished both of my internships and I have one class left as an undergraduate student.... This is truly unreal, I neva thought I woulda made it this far but I did... Now it's time to dive into my job search process now. I have sent in my resume to a couple ppl and now Im jus waiting 2 see what happens. But other than that Im chillin truly because I dont have anymore work left to do @ soooo Im jus waitin 2 get this last final and presentation done and Im finshed! Ninedays until my graduation ceremony and not bein n the illadelphia anymore..
Im out though, goin 2 buy a book and chill until my bus leaves... [out]

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